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About Henry Cavendish

Why are we called Cavendish?

Henry Cavendish,  born 1731 educated at Cambridge and a Member of the Royal Society he was the founder and discoverer of the science we know today and as engineers use in our everyday lives.

It is thanks to him that we all enjoy better lives.

It is little known that he discovered the elements of water and the attributes of hydrogen, he established the calculations and physics of what later Newton moved to Gravity. He established the nature of electricity which turned into what we know today as Ohms Law, Coulombs Law and Wheatstone Bridge.

This application and understanding of science's first principles is the ethos we have found is required in engineering the built environment.

In honour of his achievements, we use his name and adopt his ethos in our solutions.

About us

We are first and foremost Engineers and Scientists, able to provide solutions to our clients across a range of sectors in the built environment. From Close Controlled Mission Critical environments through Health Care to Workplace Environments we are able to provide an integrated solution.

Technology led the built environment has become a more complex environment and any service provider needs a mix of knowledge, skills and mindset to adequately support building owners and their agents.

BMS, low energy plant and reliability are the holy grail and this can only be achieved from experience and knowledge. We have a demonstrable track record to point at in this respect.

Established for 30 years, financially strong, based and focused on London, our experience and knowledge makes us a safe pair of hands for our clients.

We are able to design from first principles , project manage and maintain all building services

Environment, sciences and engineering. Analytical laboratories and solution providers.


We developed as closed controlled environments experts. Space / Industrial / Health / Pharma


Clean room technology / water quality / moved into maintenance


Aerospace / Pharma / Electronics / Agriculture / Mars EXO Rover / Cibse Energy Consultants / Ofgem and DEFRA / Appointed development CHP / Solar / Wind solutions


Better work spaces/energy reduction / development of LED lighting / demand driven strategies. SHELL energy rollout


Hubble telescope / Introduction of EMS ESOS assessors / Application of heat pumps at 350 Euston road / British land / Plant replacement


Efficient and reliable buildings. Application of modern technology to older buildings.


Our History & Achievements


Over the 30 plus years we have been recognised as breaking new ground in the sustainability  and net zero arena. Our accolades demonstrate that as a independent business we still continue to be at the cutting edge of complex and unique engineering solutions for the built environment. As leaders, we look forward to the next 30 years.

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