Partnering with you to predict,
design and deliver the future
of the Built Environment

Technology is continually developing and we all have a responsibility to make sure we stay at the leading edge to make sure we can make tomorrow better than today.  Steve Allen CEO.

Mission and Guiding Principles
Our mission is to make the built environment
a safer ,efficient and reliable place


Consulting and
Bureau Services

The Future Designed and Delivered

We understand thermodynamics and physics and are versed in the very latest in design approach using the AI  infrastructure to monitor, learn and control a better workspace environment.

Optimising Energy and Improving Reliability at lower cost. Our in depth studies and monitoring systems allow us to better understand the properties of the building in real time. Its faults , life cycle and improvements that can be made.



We have the know-how you need.


Integrated Engineering

Where Integration meets innovation

Helping you solve the most demanding of challenges through the integration of modern engineering into existing buildings

Essential Systems Intelligence applied

Controlled Environments

Largest Cleanroom in Europe


Innovation applied Kevlar wrap to structural failure


Essential Systems Intelligence applied

Leaders in heat
pump technology



Technical Support

Support Reimagined

Built Environment Systems are complex and essential in todays world.

We are right there beside you ensuring systems are reliable efficient and modern. Our support packages ensure the right resources are available in the right place at the right time, every time. Maintenance programmes to stabilise budgets and add value.

Our development of digitisation and robotics  in this field is second to none.


Our Company

Trading Since 1994 born out of Environmental Laboratories, Cavendish provides Innovative Solutions for the Built Environment.


Our strength is in the knowledge of the collective, with the management rising organically growing with experience and new knowledge every day.


We are at the very leading edge of global technology and passionate about creating a better and more efficient workspace so important in these times.


Leveraging  these technologies we work with our clients or help them through these challenging times by reducing carbon, and human intervention improving air quality and stabilising cost.

See our stories section for full history.

Director of Technical Support 

Amar Mackay

Director of Strategy &

Business Development

Rachel Burrell

Director of Business Administration

Reuben Nabeebaccus

Director of Technology

Nick Marshall

Steve Allen

Chairman CEO  & Founder

Daisy Thompson

Manager of Business Administration

Thomas McCrossin

Energy Manager & Chief Engineer

Naomi Fifield

Quantity Surveyor


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