Terotechnology (/ˌtɪəroʊtɛkˈnɒlədʒi ˌtɛr-/; from Greek τηρεῖν tērein "to care for" and technology) is the technology of installation, commissioning, maintenance, replacement and removal of plant machinery and equipment, of feed-back to operation and design thereof, and to related subjects and practices.

Mission and Guiding principles:

Our mission is to make the built environment a more efficient, safe  and reliable place.

Guiding Principles –

Underpinning everything we do on a daily basis

Our Customers –

We are committed to exceeding our clients expectations by applying our knowledge , innovation and experience. In house.

Our Colleagues –

We value our colleagues and create a caring , motivational and rewarding experience. We bring the best out of people in our family.

Becoming the best –

We set out to be an innovative leader in terotechnology industry continually improving our service delivery as well as the quality of engineering and facilities.

Working Together and Responsibly –

We recognise the importance of teamwork and treat each other with respect and trust. By working together we all contribute to the companies success and longevity maintaining fairness and honesty.