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Trading Since 1994 Originally as Environmental Consultants with laboratories , the company moved into controlled environments and solutions as a result of the analysis submitted to clients. Sold lab business to the staff in 1999. Cavendish Laboratories.

Terotechnology is what we do . This is known in Industry worldwide but in London Property is known as M&E. Mechanical Electrical .


These companies are divided into Consultants and Contractors. Cavendish coming from Consulting recognised that many clients prefer one service provider and Cavendish provide a Design. Install and Maintain Service. Blurring the line but disrupting the market hence we are a business of longevity based on our knowledge , recognised that we know  what we are doing and are innovators but not everyone’s idea of support services.


2020 has seen us change to meet the changing landscape by creating 3 business units presented to the market differently to meet the Carbon after COVID challenge and changing city property market.


Bureau and Consulting + Integrated Engineering + Manged Services.


We will make use of technology to automate and change the property care market and improve cost and energy efficiency  stopping the reliance on humans and make workplaces nicer places to be.


We believe the market for such a business now and in the future is huge based on our market research. Engineers make the built environment possible and reengineering existing buildings and making workplaces safe and an acceptable environment requires innovation and technology which Cavendish understand and have at its disposal.


Many of the other players in the marketplace are not as well experienced or trained as Cavendish.





Designed and Built 19 Clean rooms for the space industry Airbus including the largest in Europe for space craft manufacture and the Building for the Exo Shot to Mars. As well as E2V Camera for the  Hubble telescope together with numerouse  Pharma , Health Care and Electronics projects.




Designed and built hi tech chicken hatchery for 20,000 chickens a day


Frustrated at the lack of knowledge of terotechnolgy in London by ICI . We were brought into Service and Maintenance in London as Integrated engineering solutions provider to lower energy and improve reliability to its buildings in London. 



Appointed by OFGEM to do the same and brought the Westminster portfolio from a G to a B Energy rating over time for which we won an award. Developed the first 11KV CHP for Westminster estate in 2003.Holding the contract with OFGEM and DEFRA for 17 years until their restructuring and move to Canary Wharf.

2005 moved office to London from Chelmsford.


2009 – 2011

Appointed by SHELL to evaluate and reengineer 64 Shell stations in rolling programme of one per week . First LED lights for canopies in the UK low energy and plate recognition plus heat pump application and fridge energy saving

Appointed by British Land to their West End Portfolio to Provide S&M but also to bring innovation and designed and built the first 4 pipe heat Pump to 350 Euston  swapping  out 2MW of chillers for heat pumps in 7 hours .

2017 Developed the first water to water heat pump application at Central St Giles London.

2018 – 2019

Appointed by Transport for London as specialist engineers In the last 12m carried out one full chiller replacement design and build project over  Leicester Square Station.

Developed the Energy Bureau service which also incorporates the ability to conduct TM44 and ESOS studies but more for providing solutions using energy metering networks and visibility to energy use and wastage. A market dominated by the Australian EP&T .


The by product of this bureau service is the generation of technology based solution projects with our bureau customers.

Developed Chiller Optimising and early warning system for chiller arrays at 10 Brock Street Facebooks HQ which saves compressor failure also saving up to 40% energy over a standard sequencer.


Developed COVID 19 monitoring system to overview Workspace Occupancy conditions with full graphics.

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